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LA maintains certifications from the industry leading connectivity manufacturers.  This manufacturer relationship allows for us to offer up to a 25 year warranty on our installs.  LA Technology Group follows the latest industry standards and local code when performing our installations. LA installs quality cabling and connectivity solutions, along with the top of the cable testers makes for a seamless installation.  Rest assured that when we install one cable or 5000 cables each one is certified (with a machine that is calibrated annually and is machine labeled). 

​Technology is growing at a rapid pace and we all require a network connection in our day to day business.  With this growth, the demand on cabling to handle the speeds and capacity is a key element in the design and installation of you network. Understanding what in the environment will affect cable performance and cause intermittent network connections, even slow connectivity or even no connectivity is imperative in today’s installations.  This is what separates our technicians.  


Cabling Services:
  • Cat 5e, 6 & Cat 6A Cable Installations for Voice/Data

  • Coaxial Cable Installations

  • Speaker/PA Wiring and Installations

  • Network Move, Add ons, and Changes (MAC)

  • Network Design and build outs

  • Network and Hardware Relocations

  • Cable Abandonment

  • Demarc Extensions

  • Fiber Optic Cable Installations

  • Network Testing, Documentation, Maintenance

  • Cable Analysis & Certifications



LA’s techs, PMs, and foremen work directly with other trades and/or other parties involved with the project to ensure progress being made every day. If there is an issue we catch it early enough to react with solutions so that no time is lost.


LA offers complete connectivity solutions for data and voice cabling systems, such as Cat 5e, 6 & Cat 6A copper cabling.  Working on new construction or in a finished space LA’s experienced crews have what it takes to get a project completed from start to finish.  We communicate and work with all the trades to help maximize productivity when onsite. Our knowledge and experience is what separates LA Technology Group from other companies.



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