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Prior to switching out hardware it is important to identify and document existing patching schemes to avoid VLAN issues when installing at a new location or installing newly configured hardware.  This documentation is shared with the end user for their records.  Documentation and neatly managed cables are valuable time saving tools when it comes time to have to troubleshoot a network related issue.

Moving into a new space or maybe your space wasn’t labeled properly when installed?  Having LA Tech come in and identify and label panels and station plates with a marked floor plan as well.  Again, this will help save time with troubleshooting and if documented straight through remote management would be done with ease.

LA Technology Group also offers coring services for riser runs in conjunction with innerduct and conduit installation for Demarc extensions.  Once the pathway is installed LA can install the copper/fiber cabling needed for the extension.  All penetrations are fire stopped to code.  All our techs maintain Hilti fire stopping certifications.

One thing many people overlook is Cable Abandonment.  There’s tons of un-used cable sitting in the ceiling above.  The 2002 National Electric Code (NEC) these abandoned wires may now render your property out of code, jeopardize your fire insurance, and represent a significant legal liability.  Our knowledgeable team has the experience and equipment to identify what needs to be removed and what is still in production.  

We have become a visual world and 9 out of 10 offices now have TVs in at least one of their offices within their space.  TVs are now a piece of network equipment in every office space.  LA installs cable, connects and mounts TVs for just basic TV service, display, and video conferencing.

Understanding our client’s business and their 5-10 year growth plan, LA can provide a specific solution for the client that meets current and future network capacity requirements so that there is room to grow without a need for another major build-out unless of course they grow a larger rate than projected, which is always welcomed.  When it comes to building and/or designing to an existing space, new space or relocating spaces, the LA Technology Group team has you covered.  Our team’s experience and understanding of the complexity in coordination and execution to minimize interruption and downtime to your business, to allow for a seamless transition. Having relocated many large institutions over the years our abilities and experience have provided comfort and piece of mind for our clients.      




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